Justice and love

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Justice and love Children are actually an amanat from Allah....if we think of them as such instead of as our own children, it should become easier to treat them in the best way possible

They are your children.
They are not burdens, they are not your mistake, they are not your headache, they are not your empty dirt bags in which you throw your stress, negativity, rage and anger into.
They are not your financial difficulties, they are not your delicate toys to break emotionally, physically and mentally. They are not your weakling to walk all over and disrespect.
They are not your verbal diarrhea sink to spew curses, insults and ridicule into.
They are not your bad deeds coming back to haunt you. They are not the reason to live in an abusive marriage.
*They are not puppets to be controlled at all times.*
They are not your second chance to try and live your unfulfilling life, your shattered dreams and your broken aspirations through them. They are not your enemy, your competitor, your despair, your hurdle, your set back and your full stop.
They are not the reason you stop perusing your dreams, hobbies and interests. They are not their nanny's children, they are not their grandparents children and they are not their iPads children.
They are your children. They are the coolness of your eyes and the warmth of your heart. They are the laughter of your home and the light within your soul.
*They are the reflection of your love and the happiness in your family.*
They are the blessings and mercy of Allah. They are the strength that keeps you upright even when all you want to do is give up and fall. They are the brightness which illuminates your darkest nights. They are the reason you want to be a better person. They are the followers of your example and teachings. They are the sponge that absorbs your every word and action. They are your echo.
They are your amaanah from Allah. They are your gifts from Allah. They are the ones, if righteous, who will benefit you even after death embraces you.
They are your children..May Allah guide us parents to raise children with mercy, love, care, deen and understanding ...ameen ?