Friends from different areas in New World can also play together

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Amazon's new game MMO New World is now in the closed beta stage.

Amazon's new game MMO New World is now in the closed beta stage. In New World, if you and your friend were born in different regions, you can still upgrade with your friend. Moreover, as we all know, it is very fun to play a new open world MMO with friends. However, in New World, it is not necessarily as easy as it first seems.

After the players create the characters, they will land on the beach. However, you will lay eggs on multiple beaches. This means that even if you and your friends create a character, you may end up being miles apart when you are born. Nevertheless, the distance is not too big an obstacle. Even if you encounter a grumpy crocodile and die once or twice, it is not impossible to reunite with your partner across the dangerous map. The real problem is that it locked you in the starting mission in your area, so even if you reunite with your friends, you will not have the same mission or be able to New World Coins Buy together, that is, unless you follow this convenient hint.

Players should not accept new tasks after completing the tutorial. You exit the conversation, and you find that you can accept the next task at any watchtower on any beach. Players can buy more New World Coins to increase the chances of completing the mission to get more loot. Accept the next task to go on a dangerous trip to your friends, or you can persuade them to come to you. After all, you are the one looking for a solution and you have completed your duties.

If you have accepted the task chain, there is nothing you can do. When you search for the mysterious old man, the initial mission will converge, so you must complete the mission chain alone until you reach that point. If players participate in the challenge as a multiplayer team, although the difficulty of the task will increase, the final reward is also extremely impressive. Interested players can prepare New World Coins in advance to prepare for New World.