Hacks for Acing WordPress UI/UX to Elevate Site Usability

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Enhancing site usability is crucial for site owners to ensure that their website yields regular traffic. Further, improved site usability also ensures enhanced brand image, higher traffic, and better accessibility. All of these factors finally lead to better conversions and increased profi

The UI/UX plays an important role in adding value to your WordPress website and in making it useful for the target users. With an efficient, contemporary, and business-specific WordPress user interface, engaging with visitors and converting them becomes child's play. For this, you can either choose from the plethora of WordPress themes available online or hire Wordpress developer.  

Further, having an efficient UI/UX can also help merchants indirectly improving crucial UI/UX metrics. Here's a list of metrics that can turn dramatically positive when you enhance your UI/UX:

  • Bounce Rates
  • SEO Ranking
  • Mobile traffic
  • Accessibility 

However, for having such impactful changes via Wordpress UI/UX enhancements, planning them is a must. This ultimately demands that you get knee-deep involved with your chosen WordPress Development company during the development.

If you are curious to know how you can do that, stay tuned! This article will guide you through all you need to know about UI/UX to elevate your site's usability. 

What is Site Usability and Why should we focus on it?

The website's Site usability comes under the umbrella of UI/UX. This term refers to the factors that determines your website's usefulness for your target audience. For example, factors such as how efficient your site is in providing the information a user seeks effects the site's usability.  

To improve your site's usability you need to provide top-notch UI/UX for your eStore. This means, that UI/UX factors such as accessibility, ease of navigation, and performance must be the center of attention. To improve the site's usability, radically working on these factors is a must. Moving forward, let us take a look at the impact poor site usability can have on your target users in the long run.

Impact of Having Poor Site Usability

Although enhancing site usability and WordPress UI is a must, merchants still shy away from prioritizing it. Often the lack of knowledge, awareness, and guidance are the underlying reasons behind it. However, this eventually catches up to the website's progress and becomes a roadblock in overall profits. 

To avoid facing such end results, prioritizing them beforehand is a must. However, for this, understanding of the consequences of having poor site usability is very crucial. Below is a list of factors that can get negatively affected when you have a poor site usability:

  • One of the most obvious effects of poor site usability is a negative brand image. As dissatisfied visitors will refrain from sharing your services. Further, they will most probably stop their peers from considering it as well
  • Increase bounce rate and lower engagement are also one of the inevitable side-effects of having poor site usability. Since visitors tend to leave websites with difficult navigation instantly for better alternatives
  • Further, when the decreased bounce rate and lower engagements stay consistent, it also causes poor SEO ranking as well. This eventually affects the overall website visibility.

Hacks For Improving WordPress UI/UX to Enhance Site's Usability

From the above discussion, we can conclude that to maintain a site's accessibility, visibility, and SEO ranking improving its usability is crucial. This directly involves improving the WordPress UI for a website.

However, this can be quite overwhelming for merchants who are at the beginning of their website development journey. In such cases, you can take help from the development community to enhance your UI/UX. Below is a rough list of ideas and aspects that can help you to get started in your journey towards achieving better site usability: 

Maintain Excellent Performance

To ensure that your website stays an all-time user's favorite working on its performance is crucial. This is important as it makes your site quickly accessible, which also improves its usability.

For enhancing the performance you can opt for the following unique options:

  • WordPress headless architecture. 
  • Lightweight themes and UI elements
  • Custom theme development using modern frontend JS technologies such as React.js, Vue.js, and Angular.js

Improve Mobile Accessibility

With the rising popularity of mobile phones, it has become a primary device for navigating the web. To ensure that your website reaches out to the target users making it mobile friendly is a must.

For this, you can easily adapt to responsive themes, create a separate WordPress UI for mobile devices or a Progressive web app. By implementing these options you can easily reach out to a wider range of target audiences. 

Minimalistic Site Layout for Easy Navigation

Less is more when it comes to creating an amazing navigation experience. As a site overcrowded with a plethora of UI elements can make finding information an exhausting ordeal for its users. Instead, using a clean and properly pre-planned site layout is much more effective for providing information. To create a minimalistic site layout, you can follow through with the WP UI/UX guidelines during the development process. 

Involve Breadcrumbs During Site Navigation

Breadcrumbs are basically website guides that you can use to guide your first-time visitors in navigation. This makes the process of using your services much easier and efficient for your target audience. Hence, it can be a key factor in making your overall navigation more accessible and visible. Further, this can directly enhance your site's usability as well. 

Clear CTAs

Ensuring subscribing and buying your services is an easy process is crucial to make your site useful. Further, it ensures pleasant navigation till the end of the process as well. For this, highlighting your Call To Action and keeping them clear and to the point is a must.