Most Creative Writing Workshops Have Limitations:

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Previously, creative writing seminars were not available to everyone. This is why:

Dependent on the location:

Creative writing workshops are typically held in schools, ranging from a master's degree program in creative writing to a middle school creative writing unit.

If you want to participate, you must be in a specified location, which is Iowa. Iowa isn't the only great creative writing program (Poets and autobiography writer offer a comprehensive list of MFA programs). There are also low-residency programs where you may go for just a few weeks per semester.

If you can't relocate your life to Iowa or another place with a programme, you won't be able to improve your writing using this strategy.


A single class at an MFA creative writing workshop costs about $3,300 on average. The overall cost could range from $27,000 to $108,000. That's a lot of information!

Participating in a creative writing workshop is unlikely if you don't have an extra $50,000 laying around (and if you do, call me!).

A lack of commitment to publishing:

Writers write for the benefit of their audience. Some creative writing workshops have the disadvantage of focusing so much of their time on writing for other authors, instructors, and a few university-sponsored literary publications that they forget their actual audience.

A creative writing workshop will get lost in the weeds of craft that sounds wonderful in theory but doesn't help readers if it doesn't have a strong focus on publishing.

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