How is the OpenCart Marketplace the next big thing?

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If you are looking for a direct answer to this question, it is - for any eCommerce marketer who's looking for expansion, the OpenCart Marketplace is a big thing.

The OpenCart marketplace module is the shortest and simplest way to create your own platform. In fact, it is the best way to take your eCommerce business to the next level of success. Whether you call it expansion or approaching a new dimension of eCommerce, the OpenCart marketplace is certainly the next big thing for any eCommerce marketer.

This blog will talk about the reasons that make the OpenCart marketplace the next big step for any eCommerce marketer.

  1. OpenCart Marketplace Extension is an investment that pays off well

Once you buy, install, and configure the OpenCart Marketplace Module from Knowband, you can relax a bit. The first weeks could be tiring because there'll be seller registrations, handling the different aspects of the OpenCart Marketplace Plugin, and much more. For instance, you will have to set the product listing fee, make membership plans. Moreover, set the commission rate, decide whether the payout requests will be handled automatically or manually, and more. However, once you are through with all the configuration and setting down the rules, you can rest and still earn.

  1. OpenCart marketplace brings in more customers

When you're an eCommerce store owner, you sell products that might or might be of different varieties. For instance, a grocery store will have only groceries, a footwear store will have only footwear styles. However, when you create your marketplace with the OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace Module, you have the freedom to bring in sellers that sell anything and everything. For instance, Amazon might have started with gadgets and other stuff, it eventually included the pantry in it. Likewise, Flipkart has everything including provisions. Hence, you too can use the OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Extension to create a marketplace. Moreover, bring sellers with a diverse genre of products. This way, customers will automatically start coming. When customers see that the platform has something of everything, they would come to you to shop.

  1. The OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace module brings in more revenue

This aspect is next level and is connected with the one that we just talked about. Further, when you have a humongous customer base, it clearly will lead to more sales. Thus, increase the revenues for your eCommerce business. The OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin by Knowband is a great option that features 3 different revenue models. First, the product listing fee. Second, the membership plans, and last, the commissions from orders. We had already mentioned this earlier in the blog. Hence, these are the ways with which the admin earns his income.

Why choose Knowband for the OpenCart Marketplace?

The Knowband marketplace is the best way to handle, manage, and oversee things that happen on the platform. Knowband ensures that you start off on a good note by helping you whenever you get stuck. In fact, with the help of the User Manual that Knowband modules have and the expertise in customer support, you can rest assured of the big leap.


How does the admin handle the payout requests?

With the help of the OpenCart Marketplace Extension, the admin can easily manage the setting of the payout from the admin panel. Furthermore, the admin can simply respond to the payout request and change the status - waiting for approval, approval, and disapproval. After choosing from these options, the payout request is handled.

How does the admin acquire his commission?

The commissions in the OpenCart marketplace are based in two different ways. First, a fixed commission for all sellers. Second, the commission is charged on the basis of the categories.