3 reasons for wasting product packaging boxes

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For companies in all vertical industries, packaging is usually one of the company's largest expenditures.

For companies in all vertical industries, packaging is usually one of the company's largest expenditures. While controlling the packaging cost, it is also necessary to have certain requirements on the quality of the packaging box, which is actually the ultimate goal of all companies for packaging. The following are 3 main reasons why many brands may waste costs on product packaging, as well as Kali’s suggestions to help your business avoid waste.


  1. Invalid packaging

When it comes to packaging types, brands have countless choices. When customizing the packaging box, you must have requirements for the quality and appearance design of the packaging box. Because if the quality of the packaging box is not good enough, it is likely to cause damage to the product. The failure of the packaging box design will affect the brand's image and the customer's buying experience. Although the cost of high-quality, exquisitely designed product packaging boxes can be relatively higher than ordinary eyelash packaging boxes, on the other hand, they can protect products for a long time to reduce product loss during the product sales process.


  1. Packaging loss

There will be various kinds of loss in the process of customizing the packaging box. For ordinary packaging boxes, they are generally skilled in production, simple in structure and can be completed by machinery, and the loss in the production process will be relatively small. However, for some special-shaped boxes, the process is complicated, and many of them need to be completed manually. In addition to the cost, the loss during the production process is relatively large. All packaging box suppliers calculate prices based on the cost of raw materials, possible losses, labor costs and other elements, so the loss of packaging boxes also directly affects the overall cost of the packaging box.


  1. Transportation waste

After the production of the packaging box is completed, it is an indispensable link to transport the packaging box from the packaging factory to the brand. The smaller the volume and weight during transportation, the lower the transportation cost. Therefore, many brands usually customize foldable packaging boxes to reduce transportation waste caused during transportation.


Controlling the cost of packaging boxes is something every company will consider. In order to save costs in product packaging, in addition to the above three reasons, you can also cooperate with professional packaging box manufacturers.