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If you are thinking of selling your home, interior decorating is a sure way to boost its value. Here's how interior designers in Bangalore have made clients' homes more valuable:

1) Replace old carpeting with hardwood or tiles for both aesthetic appeal and durability. Scratch marks from shoes can be eliminated by putting mats at doors and entrances to the house, especially those leading into bedrooms (some people wear their shoes inside without realizing it can damage flooring).

2) Wooden furniture tends to be sturdier and more durable than other kinds, especially for families with kids. Aged wood furniture also looks rustic and antique-like, which can be quite attractive.

3) Paint interior walls in neutral colors to make a small space appear larger; use unique colors for focal points like recessed walls or ceiling areas. Be careful not to let the color overwhelm an interior though – it might look good from a distance but too eye-catching up close.

4) Internal doors should look expensive and high quality as well; interior designers in Bangalore often recommend painting them for this reason (in addition to making the area look bigger). Paint is cheaper than replacing them or converting them into glass doors.

5) Color-coordinate your interior painting according to the exterior paint of the house; it will make both look more attractive in tandem. For example, you may want a red wall interior behind a red door so they'll blend together nicely (both design-wise and visually) when viewed from outside the house through the window beside the door.

6) Keep interior decorating accessories in mind: interior designers in Bangalore suggest using interior mirrors or paintings to make a room look bigger. Mirrors should be placed at an angle so you can see more than one side of the interior from one particular spot; they're also great for bedrooms because there's no "right" way to place them like other interior decorating items (such as painting).

7) Choose flooring that is both beautiful and practical – something that will last you years without getting damaged easily. There are plenty of options out there, so it shouldn't be difficult to find a good balance between aesthetic appeal and durability.