What are the precautions for pcba processing

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What are the precautions for pcba processing of circuit board manufacturers?

PCBA, that is, PCB component assembly, patch and soldering are the core links in PCBA. So, what are the precautions for pcba processing of pcb prototype manufacturers?

1. Transportation: In order to prevent PCBA damage, the following should be done during transportation:
1. Container: anti-static turnover box.
2. Isolation material: anti-static pearl cotton.
3. Placement spacing: There is a distance greater than 10mm between the board and the board, and between the board and the box.
4. Placement height: there is a space greater than 50mm from the top surface of the turnover box.

2. PCBA processing and washing requirements:
1. Board surface requirements: clean, no tin beads, no stains on component pins.
2. Devices that should be protected when washing the board: wires, connecting terminals, relays, switches, polyester capacitors and other devices.

Third, the component requirements: all components are not allowed to exceed the edge of the PCB board after the installation is completed.
4. Welding requirements:
1. In PCBA processing, electrolytic capacitors, manganese copper wires, inductors with skeletons or epoxy board bases, transformers, in principle, are not allowed to be righted, and soldering is required once.
2. When PCBA is processed through the furnace, because the pins are scoured by the tin flow, some plug-in components will be tilted after the furnace is welded, and the repair welder is required to make appropriate corrections.
3. The horizontal floating high-power resistor can be righted once, and the righting angle is not limited.
4. Horizontal floating diodes or other components with a component pin diameter greater than 1.2mm can be centered once, and the centering angle is less than 45°.
5. Vertical resistors, vertical diodes, ceramic capacitors, vertical fuses, varistors, thermistors, etc., if the bottom floating height is greater than 1mm, it can be righted once, and the righting angle is less than 45°; the bottom floating height is less than 1mm , You must use a soldering iron to melt the solder joints for righting.

The above is the explanation of the pcba processing precautions of the circuit board manufacturers. For more pcba multilayer circuit board processing problems, you can consult POE.