Fear Of Failure

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In this blog, I would like to talk about the two common obstacles to human progress: fear and failure.

Assalamu alaykum dear Ummah,

It was 8 years ago when my two co-founders and I started this project - Ummaland. 

We were all idealistic and wanted to create a social network for Muslims by Muslims to show the world a different side of Muslims. Every day Muslims are just like everyone else. They have families. They go to work. They pay their taxes. They have dreams and worries like everyone else. 

While it grew close to 400.000 members we didn't have the resources or experience to maintain it. So we had to put a hold on the project. 

Since then we learnt a lot and we all went our ways as co-founders. 

As for me, I also relocated from Denmark to Canada in the midst of Covid 19 pandemic. 

We all learnt about our capabilities and limitations as human species once again.

Besides, we keep hearing privacy issues all over again especially on the popular social platforms. 

While many social networks started as a platform to connect us, but it turned out to be a place where everybody seems "happy" however we all are more disconnected, stressed and depressed. 

Our happiness became dependent on likes, shares and comments. We started comparing ourselves to the other person who is better than us. There are always more people who are better than us. 

I sincerely believe that the core issue lies in the centre where we put our EGO.

I sincerely believe there is a better way. At least for our Ummah where we can put Allah SWT in the centre of our lives. A place where we remember Him to find peace in our hearts. 

Life is a journey. We all make mistakes. We all have faced a failure here and there. 

However, we want to avoid failure as much as possible. 

Failure is just a part of life. As late Zig Ziglar would say "Failure is not a person, but an event".

So I have decided to bring Ummaland back again to offer a place for Ummah to connect.

We ask Allah SWT for the success of Ummaland here and hereafter.

We ask Allah SWT make Ummaland a place where we come to know each other, where we make new connections and help each other. 

So it is a place to improve ourselves by helping others. So it is a place where we serve Allah SWT by serving others, insha'Allah. 


Journey begins...

مريم بنت قاسم OPEYEMI 10 months ago

May Allah Make our journey a beautiful ❤️ one

Hodan Hussein 11 months ago

Masha Allaah... May Allaah grant you success and to all Muslims in all their endeavors.