New World Game: Introduction to Player Housing System

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In Amazon's upcoming New World game, at level 20, you can buy a house in a settlement

In Amazon's upcoming New World game, at level 20, you can buy a house in a settlement, which will act as a place for rebirth or fast travel. Player Housing is an exciting feature of New World.

In Aeternum, every Settlement has various houses for you to use. Multiple players can get the same actual home location, but unless they visit other players' houses, they will always see their property and decorations. For players who do not own that particular house, they will see the house that has earned the most points and is shown to the world. If you want to spend time with guests at home, the house supports full players in groups of five.

For someone to visit your house, all you need to do is ask them to team up with you. In order to be eligible to purchase a house, you must first increase your reputation in the settlement area. In order to increase your reputation in the territory you want to live in, it is important to participate in the daily activities of the territory, such as killing creatures, completing faction missions, working on town projects, and making items.

Once you reach a high enough prestige level and your character reaches level 15, you can unlock the ability to own a house in a settlement in that territory. If you want more than one house, you can do the same! As long as you meet the requirements for buying a house in the territory and the number of houses has not reached the upper limit, you can buy another one.

Type of housing

Houses vary in size, function and cost. Some houses overlook the town centre, while others have balconies with views of Settlement’s city walls. Some houses have exterior decoration areas, while others only have front or back porches. Each settlement has a variety of locations and styles to choose from. The settlement itself also has a unique aesthetic, with a house design and floor plan specific to the settlement.

Personalize your home

After you settle in your new home, you can personalize your space. We have added hundreds of items for you to customize your home. From tables and chairs to decorative plants and hanging vines, everything can help you design a property that reflects your taste. Furniture and decorations can be made and purchased by players, while other items must be found through exploration and plundering the world. In Aeternum’s adventure, you can even find pets that you can take home


After purchasing a house, you must pay a small property tax to maintain it. This property tax is paid to the settlement holding company. Although not paying property taxes will not get you evicted from your house, it will prevent mechanisms such as house recalls and trophy gains from working for you. In addition, although you can still visit your renovated house without paying property taxes, you cannot rearrange your decoration and your house is not eligible to be shown to others

Build a community

When New World Gold players find a place to call home in a settlement, they join a community of allies, skilled craftsmen, adventure partners and even opponents. Players can invest to make their house in Aeternum feel like a home, with furniture and decorations, pets, and trophies that can provide rewards for their adventures or their favorite trade skills. We want our players' home to become special for them, not only a familiar place to return after an exciting adventure, but also a place to share with friends and show off to others. If gold is missing in the process, New World Coins for Sale on z2u website will be your best choice.