About Ummaland
Ummaland is a social network for Muslims by Muslims.

Assalamu alaykum and welcome to Ummaland!

My name is Maruf. I am the CEO and co-founder of Ummaland.

Usually, it is the place where companies share their big visions and missions with the big words.

Let me do something different. Let me share our story with you and why we are building Ummaland together with you for our Ummah.

Why are the problems with the current social networks?

Before we start with our story, let's discuss the main issues with the current social networks and why we need yet another social network.

Privacy Issues
Most social networks are notoriously known for misusing or abusing user information. Sometimes they even sell the user information to third parties, unfortunately.

Ego Boosting
In most social networks, the ego is in the center instead of Allah SWT. It is all about I, me, and myself.

The user tries to fake how his or her life is by showing off how cool they are, but in reality, they are depressed. Everything the user tries is to get more likes, comments, and shares. If not, then he or she is not cool enough.

Negative Spiral
This fake showoff will affect not only the one who is posting but the followers or friends of that person.

This friend or follower compares their life with this cool guy or girl and gets disappointed.

Because you can't beat the rainbow and unicorn life of this friend compared to yours.

Hence most users the more they use this type of social network, the more isolated and more depressed they are.

It is a negative spiral that feeds off in itself.

Nonsense & Noise
Moreover, since it is an attention-seeking platform, there is too much nonsense and noise.

Why are we creating yet another social network?

We believe we can create a better social network for Muslims.

Here is how:

Privacy Protected
We don't sell your data or abuse it. This is our promise to you.

We allow advertisers to create ads on our platform by targeting our users based on basic interests, gender, and geography. Nothing else.

As a user, you will see curated and halal ads. You might even purchase their product or service if you find it interesting and relevant to you.

By doing this, you will help another Muslim business, inshaAllah.

Allah SWT in the center
We want to build a social network where Allah SWT is in the center of everything we do. It is then only then you focus on yourself only. You will focus on how to become a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday. You will stop comparing yourself with others.

Deep & Meaningful Conversations
Imagine a place where we as Muslims connect and unite as Ummah to learn from each other and help each other. Imagine a place we will have deep and meaningful conversations about life here and hereafter. Imagine a place where you will get a daily dose of delight and inspiration not only for your body and mind but your soul as well.

Allah says in the Quran, 3:110: You are the best nation (as an example) for mankind.
You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah.

Together with you, we are building a place where Allah SWT is in the center.
Together with you, we are building a place where it is all right to be a Muslim.
Together with you, we are building a place where we help Ummah connect and unite for a greater good.
Together with you, we are building a place for Ummah...

Together with you, we are building Ummaland!

May Allah accept this from you and us.

Your brother in Islam